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Interior Design

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swissdude    3

Anyone into it here? I'm learning about it all the time and getting more into it, I want to do my apartment in a special way and use it to show off and as a platform to build up some projects

Does anybody know any good sites that have funriture? From small to big - like the main sites to find furniture bits and bobs


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sanctified    1,220

I love it.

I constantly draw inspiration from sites like http://simpledesks.net and http://convoy.tumblr.com/

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the evn show    138

There was a show-suite for this place that I worked on as part of my job. The normal designers were all busy and I happened to be one of the project managers on that so I ended up giving a fair bit of input.

I also did some of the work for these guys (mostly picking building materials and sourcing 'contemporary' furniture for their office. It looks like it's changed since I was working on it though. Their old style was very "ikea", it looks like they've gone more upscale to match the prices of the stuff they sell.

It's a lot easier to have a nice house when you're blowing somebody else's money on it.

Most cities will have a 'designer district' or two where you'll find smaller independent stores that carry more unique items. Check the phone book - have a walk past - take notes on anything you find interesting. Be prepared to bring credit cards: a table from ikea might run you $200 but something well made from a smaller boutique dealer can be 10x that much. Once you're off the mass-market bandwagon things stop being disposable but they also stop being cheap.

I have 'middle-class white guy' furniture in my house: I get it at a steep discount because my father is an executive at a major retailer and one of the perks is being able to buy the 'excess' or 'mis-ordered' inventory below cost: $2500 couch can be picked up for $200 etc.

When I move into a smaller place I'll likely start buying up things in the style I like (art deco, bauhaus, and the other 'modern' trends from the 1920s-50s) rather than just what I can afford but for now that sort of stuff will have to wait until I can justify the expense.

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