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Replaced stock car speakers - too "bright" now

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Brandon    181

I picked up my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT on Friday and put in all-new speakers this weekend to replace the stock paper cones that came with it. I'm using the stock head unit with no extra amp. Factory tweeters were just using a resister. Replaced with component sets for the front and coaxial sets for the back.

Although the sound is much cleaner than before, it seems like there is WAY too much treble in my music, something that becomes extremely apparent as I increase volume. I set the front crossovers sets to -3db for the tweeters and have to set the treble to -7 (out of +/- 10) on the head unit to sound halfway decent.

I purchased the following speakers.

Polk DB6501

Polk Audio db6501 6-1/2" component speaker system ? also fit 6-3/4" openings at

and Polk DB651

Polk Audio db651 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers ? for 6-1/2" and 6-3/4" openings at

Crutchfield says the speakers are rated for a minimum of 10w... not sure if my headunit outputs that or not. I'm not so wild about getting an external amp as that requires a lot of wiring. I'm not sure if I should return these and get the Inifinity 6030CS set instead which are 2w.

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spedanden    25

Ok so Iooked up your cars sound system and it does have an amplifier, 170watts. I also looked up reviews on the Polk components you bought and almost all the reviews say the tweeters are very bright, and the crossover needs to be set to -3, which you did. Regardless though, the tweeters are gonna be bright.

The factory head units sound processor likely was tuned to the speakers it came with, I'd recommend a new head unit if anything. The ideal would be a head unit and amp, but you said you weren't keen on that.

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threetonesun    1,205

I had those speakers in an older car, and they sound great when run through an amp, and properly aimed. In fact I felt that had a great midrange punch compared to my older Infinitys, which I thought were pleasantly bright.

But, as noted, if you're going component, you need an amp, or at the very least an aftermarket head unit (preferably both). If you don't want to do all that, you can often get away with running lower powered coaxials off a head unit, and they'll sound better than stock, and you don't have to worry about tweeter placement.

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Klownicle    64

The dB series of Polk are known for their highs, I had them before going to the Momo (now gone?) series. It?s kind of the nature of the beast. I would replace your head unit, because the factory is in no way properly configured for aftermarket speakers. I've always told people if you replace just the speakers in a factory system, you will never have a properly configured car stereo. They should always be done together.

Then add some speaker (dynamatt) deadener and some baffles on the front woofers and you will be in musical heaven. Add further upmh by amping the speakers with a 4 channel (or 5 channel if you have a subwoofer) amplifier.

You will see your low/mid-range come back if you follow the second recommendation first. When I baffled my momo's it was an instant increase in low/mid-range acoustics. You may even be satisified with the bass from the front woofers vs having a sub...

Caution, those tweeters are touchy (especially when amped), keep them on the negative db end on the crossover. Also, if you installed the crossovers inside your door, beware of moisture damage overtime. That happened to me, stupid move.

+1 for get fuzzy btw.

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