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I use a Macbook Pro; and always in clamshell mode. There are times when I refrain from using the power cord and simply use my separate monitor, yet I keep the laptop lid ajar. Now when I leave, I close the lid shut; I find this efficient for power saving and quick to access when I return.

After upgrading to Mountain Lion, every time I reopen the lid, I am welcomed by a very low resolution (yet the laptop screen is fine), which I cannot fix manually, for the appropriate resolution:"1680x1050", is never present.

After fiddling around the wrong resolution, closing and reopening the lid, etc, the resolution will fix itself. Yet I face this issue every time I close the lid. Even after fixing the issue, when I return to the display setting and switch from "best for display" to "scaled"; although the appropriate resolution is present I can't seem to choose it permanently, when I do it automatically switches back to "Best For Display".

So I guess my question is: How can I permanently select a resolution for my Second Monitor, without having "Mountain Lion" choose it for me.

Thank You. - Cheers!

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I'll go ahead and rephrase this. Is there maybe a way (via command for example), to forcefully set a resolution for a second monitor and let it remain that way?

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