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Mobilefun's Mobile Stand

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mrk    203

The Nokia stand I had nabbed from my old 5800 series proved to be useless for the S3. It was fine for the S2, just about... but the S3's larger dimensions prove hard for it to stay upright without slouching somewhat...

I enquired around and for other stands to check out and saw this on mobilefun so got it in this week.




It's quite heavy for its size, it certainly won't be confused on what to do with a big screened phone that's for sure and I'm confident the Nexus 7 will be fine on it too although I don't have one any more :p

It comes in a slide on case with small lanyard too Both feet are rubberised as is the back to protect the back of glossy phones from scratching. It's expensive for what it is and is too heavy to be put on a keyring (for my liking anyway) but it is perfect to bung in the glovebox or work bag to use over lunch or whatever else and not only limited to a phone!

Conclusion? It's a heavy duty stand capable of keeping phones in place and it's high quality too from the weight to the rubberised areas. Is it worth ?15 though? Maybe, depends on what you're willing to pay to keep your phone/mini tablet facing you on the table I guess!

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