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The solution to no clock in Metro


"Clock Tile" in New Apps section of Store


The idea is nice, but why is the clock so small on that big tile?

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What's funny is that we now need a 3rd party app to do something that has been done by the OS for how many years? Another example of why this OS is a step backwards.

Wait. There's no clock? Did they change something in the RTM?

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No there's a clock. It's just a random troll on the Internet trying to bash Windows 8 without knowing how it works/how to use it.

Sometimes it is hard to tell from a comment whether...stupid or blind.

But yeah, there are clocks.



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Just ignore him. This is supposed to be a thread for sharing Win8 apps, not another To-Win8-or-not-to-Win8.

OP: News Bento: I think this has a lot of potential. Great RSS reader but doesn't have Google Reader integration yet. The page switching could use some help as well.

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No there's a clock. It's just a random troll on the Internet trying to bash Windows 8 without knowing how it works/how to use it.

Yeah. I know. I was reverse trolling.

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Well, I'm just whoring myself out right now.

This is the Depth of Field calculator of mine. If you're a photographer, you might find this handy. 7 day trial.


Pro-Click zone: http://apps.microsof...76-2ab811535fa8

And this is something I've started today and got surprisingly far with. It's originated out of a spiteful response towards that effortless Mini Piano app I've stumbled across in the store last night, but still lacking the actual keyboard:

(Yeah, I've written a whole synthesizer because some app ****ed me off. :V )

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The last week or so has averaged 100 new apps per day, and more apps are dropping at an increasing rate. There would probably be about 10,000 apps in Store by October 26th, which is pretty great for a launch. Of course these numbers are meaningless, but hey, marketing is all about numbers.

The most complex WinRT app thus far is here - PowerDirector. No one's going to create professional content with this, sure, but I am pleasantly surprised just how usable and fluid it is. For home videos it is actually a quicker process than using the desktop version with mouse and they have done a pretty good job to enable precise input with touch. Heck, even for a quick Youtube video this is a pretty good solution. Tried it out with AVCHD 1080p footage from a professional camera - Sony FS100 - and I was amazed to see it play back the native footage real-time on my MSI Windpad. Really impressed overall and probably the most productive app ever released for a touch device. (Yes, I have used iMovie and Avid Studio on iPad - this is much better already)

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I really want a NetFlix app so far haven't seen an Official one in the Store but I know they demoed it and I hope it's coming soon! Anyone know about this?

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I really want a NetFlix app so far haven't seen an Official one in the Store but I know they demoed it and I hope it's coming soon! Anyone know about this?

It's being worked on, one of the Netflix developers is fairly active on the Win8 dev forums.

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We'll see more and more advanced/powerful apps I'm sure but those do take more time to work out than the stuff we're getting now. It'll be interesting to see where things are quality wise a few months after Win8/RT devices hit the market.

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By the way, you can check out my app here:

4th & Square - A Windows 8 foursquare client.

Feedback / suggestions welcome :-)

Really like the use of metro mate, keep churning out quality apps

The TrackSeries app is nice for those who watch a lot of TV series but since it's only version 1.0, there's a lot of room for improvement. It's a pain in the butt to mark-as-viewed episodes because you have to right click it one by one. Hopefully, this will be improved on the next update :p

handy app recommendation, would love to see XBMC do a library like app for that for our digital media collections

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Didn't want to create a whole new thread for this, but those updates MS said they were updating, Mail etc have arrived in the UK


Now my contacts are only in the people app, not synced with mail anymore and no option to sync contacts with mail either even though this is my primary and only live account

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Someone has already created a tutorial app for Windows 8 (Learn Windows 8). This may not be needed by Neowin members but could be good for a quick 'how-to' for our friends/relatives who aren't really that tech-savvy. It can be snapped so you could view the step-by-step tutorial and do it at the same time as well. One thing I noticed though is that when it teaches how to access the charms bar, it asks the user to 'swipe' and doesn't provide the mouse||keyboard alternative way. Hopefully, this will not be geared towards touch tutorials only. Only the Charms bar, though, I haven't explored it deeply yet.

Btw, the screenshots below are part of an animation and are not separate pages.

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Thats a "great" application. I mean, uses 20MB doing nothing and it does not update if you dont start it and keep it running on the background. What a genius idea this 'metro' applications.

Well make a better one then rather than being the hypocritical back seat driver ?

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Finally, a Metro epub reader :D (DRM-free only)

- has Sepia, Light and Dark theme as well as a

- variety fonts and font sizes.

- can open local files as well as on the cloud

- option for one or two columns.

Has ads but only $2 to remove it.


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The expected surge for launch week is starting. The worldwide total is now nearly 8000 and at this rate we could be at 15000 apps for GA. Pretty cool apps starting to pop up too.

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