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USB Write Blocker : Makes any USB drive Write protected.


+warwagon    11,339

Something that has boggled my mind for a while now. In the beginning write protected USB drives were pretty common place (so I've been told). But as the progression of Malware has increased, the number of write protected USB drives has decreased.

To be honest, most people don't even care if they stick their usb drive into an infested computer. Even though autorun, for the most part has been disabled on windows systems (so malware shouldn't technically get activated when sticking the stick into a clean machine) I would still never stick a usb flash drive that wasn't write protected into someone else machine. If I did, I would (and have in the past) format the stick from a BartPE environment on another machine before sticking it back into my own.

I was looking online and came across this neat little product. It's called the USB Write blocker. 1 end plugs into the computer and you plug your usb hard drive or USB memory stick into the other end.


This device obviously isn't for everyone. But those who do repairs where write protection is a serious concern this might be for you. What I like about this idea, is that you would use it when ever you plug in a usb drive into someones computer. This way you KNOW it's write protected. The problem I had with USB memory sticks that had write protection switches, is I always had to check the switch to make sure it was activated, which means it would be possible to forget.

The only thing I wish it did was not to spoof the writes (showing it copied when it didn't) but just through up a write protection error. For this reason I could never temporary used it on an usb sata dock, because if It was behind the computer and if I forgot it was there, and i went to backup someones files, it would show they got backed up but in the end they would not be. But to be used in combination with a USB repair thumb drive or now a USB repair hard drive, would work great.

it's $160 on Amazon, I think I might get one. Lemme know what you think.

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Rigby    1,549

To be honest, most people don't even care if they stick their _____ into an infested _________. 



Sadly that's true in so many ways.

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