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Corsair's Customer Support - Review

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+Byt    44

Hey All, I wanted to share my experience with Corsair's Customer Support as they have been fantastic.

It started when i posted a thread on here that my power supply seemed to be going faulty, my voltages were through the roof, testing a different PSU and it was fine, so my trusted Corsair HX 620w had started to fail and it is 4 years old.

After contacting Corsair, they said ship the item to us, however this was going to cost me ?30, just in shipping! I told them this and they arranged UPS to pick up the PSU and their cost. Which was the first great thing.

Next i get an email saying they have issued a replacement, I was expecting a refurbished HX 620 but its a brand new retail TX 650, the second great thing about this experience.

I am really happy with Corsair and just wanted to give a little review on their customer service.

Thank You :) x

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reaper1576    2

Will add there extremely helpful had the hot swap bays on my 800D play up as well as a crack in the window they replaced both no charge.

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