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Finally finished my PC build

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Alwaysonacoffebreak    692

The one I got on my signature was there for a reason, as I started off with a simple plan on my mind what I want and I made sure I got them all, bought as much components each pay day as my salary let me and now, finally, I got the all and finished up.

Some pictures if someone is interested :)


I know, not some high end cards but as they were really cheap at the moment I bought those two. :p


Well since it's an AMD build I figured why not :D


Seems fine for now :)


The first thing I got for this build.



There's also an 60GB SSD (OCZ Vertex 3) for OS and an 1TB WD HDD for files and games, couldn't get them out of the box haha.

The case itself is an cheap ?30 one, can't even remember the name, probably going to upgrade it to an HAF X next month.

Next up, Llano build for my girlfriend :)

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Detection    2,256

Nice, get some 3DMark11 Benchmarks posted ;)

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Alwaysonacoffebreak    692

I'm guessing it's that one. Altho I have no idea what those numbers mean lol, either they are good or bad :blush:

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