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2 servers, 2 sites and 1 domain?

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Hentiki    0

Hit I need some help with something that I've been playing around with for quite some time.

I currently have a network set up at my home with a W2k8 R2 DC and some clients. The DC is also DNS, DHCP and VPN servers. I connect via VPN to that home network to access files and other resources when Im away.

Now Im setting up another server at my parents home. I want that server to extend my current domain. The reason is simple, I would like to be able to login with my credentials regardless if Im home or at my parents and the other way around. Also, it helps with supporting all clients that connect, a total of 20-25 devices.

Now the question is, can this be done and how?

I've read some articles about permanent static VPN connections between 2 networks using the RRAS but it seems to me that in order for me to configure that, I have to give up being able to connect my clients from outside either network using VPN or am I misstaken? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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sc302    1,434

Yes you can and you are mistaken. You will need a always up vpn tunnel between the locations, but you can still utilize vpn for remote users.

You will have a site to site vpn established and you will also allow clients to connect to a different vpn setup. site to site will have 1 internall address scheme, and the clients can share the ip scheme at the main site or you can use a separate ip subnet for those users.

This is very very common in the business world, but they don't use home servers or pos routers to do it. maybe look into buying some older sonicwall devices or a couple of pix 515.

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tonyjr    9

I have this setup, and it works good.

The site-to-site VPN is done at the routers, IPv4 and IPv6 work spot on. You need to get the connectivity working before you can get started on anything else. I have one user account setup on each router for remote access when away, like you mentioned.

I've also got folder redirection working with DFS and replication so that wherever anyone logs on, everything is still there and the same. Works well with films etc as the servers run TVersity for media streaming. I download the films, and the media libraries are kept sync'd up over VPN. It's very handy.

It was a bit of a pain sorting out the site-to-site VPN, but I was learning at the same time with new hardware and software. Make it up as you go along kind of thing. I use mikrotik routers at each end over cable internet (virgin media).

I am half asleep at the moment, but please reply and I will offer any help needed to get your setup going.


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