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Some minor but important updates

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Steven P.    8,784

Marcel (Redmak) has fixed search on main, for reals this time! You can even use some common Sphinx extended syntaxes http://sphinxsearch....ded-syntax.html an advanced search form will be added at a later date, this will allow you to search only for tags, and a date range among other things and will provide a few tips on searching methods that are supported.

Secondly, with the help of Neowin member articuno1au I have fixed the very annoying PM notification bug where you aren't taken to the most recent unread message. Now when you get a PM alert, in the notifications list drop down, it will take you straight to the new message (and correct page, if there is more than one).

I will also implement this in the PM message list as an unread button, but I don't have time for that today, so it will be added later.

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John Callaham    93

Thumbs up for both but major kudos for the search fixes and new options :)

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