Man accidentally choked his girlfriend to death during sex

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"Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal"

Really? People get off on this? :huh:

yes its very common thats why drowning is said not to be so bad because at the end of it you get a nice surprise in your pants ;) or so the legend goes O.o

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Yeah there is, it's called CPR.

That usually works if a foreign object is blocking the airway. In this case your neck muscles are paralyzed. And its probably too late anyway.
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That usually works if a foreign object is blocking the airway. In this case your neck muscles are paralyzed. And its probably too late anyway.

Um no

the heimlich manoeuvrer is for foreign objects blocking the airway.


CPR is to jump start the heart if it stops.


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I used to enjoying hiding under my bed covers when I was a kid, to the point it became uncomfortable to breathe.

Wasn't a sexual thing for me tho. :laugh:

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I suppose a safety word is flawed if you can't speak :rofl:

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Seriously how can you "acciditentally" choke someone to death ?

Having been with a few women into choking, its pretty easy to do if

1) You don't know what you're doing

2) You aren't careful

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Having been with a few women into choking, its pretty easy to do if

1) You don't know what you're doing

2) You aren't careful

3) If you really want to kill them :laugh:

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3) If you really want to kill them :laugh:

Maybe I should talk my wife into trying this. I didn't say that out loud, did I? :p

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I’ve seen this asked all over the internet and 99.9% of the people get it wrong with the wrong answers. 


‘Rarely, and I mean RARELY, do people die from lack of oxygen from being strangled by another person. Strangulation and suffocation are often 2 different things. Although they can overlap. 


The biggest clue as to what and how people die are  petechia in the eyes   


Being strangled compresses the jugular  veins. Blood keeps building pressure in the brain. First small capillaries rupture (in the eyes) and if pressure is kept up, larger vessels in the brain. In the end the person dies of brain hemorrhages. This happens a LOT quicker vs just blocking their airway and dying from lack of air which, in reality, takes 5-10 minutes (even if you crushed their windpipe)


‘If the carotid arteries get compressed, the person can stroke out. 



chances are he didn’t strangle her for 5+ minutes.... As it only takes about 1-3 minutes to cause a brain bleed or stroke 

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Nick H.

Please don't ressurect old threads, especially ones that are 5 years old. :laugh:


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