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[Help] LAN home network printer.


digital vibe

I have been trying for a while to share my printer on my LAN at home. Here is what I have.

4 port D-Link router (connected to it is the main PC and the other PC; both are connected to the router.

Cable modem

HP Photosmart 1215 via parellel port (connected to the main PC).

LAN cable CAT 5

The printer is installed properly works fine, but my issue I am having is I can't share my printer on my network. I followed the Network Wizard on my main PC and also made a network setup disk for my other PC. I restarted my main PC because that is what it prompted me to do after I setup the network wizard. I put the network setup disk in the other PC and installed it. But when I goto print a document on the other PC it says something along this line printer not installed. I go to add a printer since my printer is not "there". I search for a printer on my network and it finds this under the shared printers colum "Microsoft Windows Network" so something is there. I go to name the printer and is says invalid name so I have no idea what to do now. Also when I installed the network wizard my printer was on so it could be found on my network. Does anyone have any ideas on why its not working. Hope I gave enough info.

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It sounds like you have XP installed, so these comments are geared for those.

First, make sure the printer is shared:

Start | Printers and Faxes

Look at your printer. Does it have a little hand underneath it? Right click on it a click on "Sharing and Security." Make sure the "Shared as:" radio button is checked.

Good, your printer is shared.

If you do not see "Sharing and Security" or "Sharing," you don't have Print and File Sharing enabled. Google it to find out how if that's the case, but since you ran the network wizard, it should have done that already.

Note the IP address of this computer (it will save you time later). Start | Control Panel | Network Connections | R. Click on your network connection | Status | Support | There it is, IP Address.

Go to your other computer.

WinKey+R (Start | Run): Type the server's IP w/ 2 backslashes: "\\192.168.x.x" and press Enter.

This should bring up a list of all the shares on your server (Shared Documents, HPPSMART1215, Whatever).

Right click on the printer (assuming it's there) and click "Connect..."

I'm not sure if that works on Win9x, but for WinNT/2K/XP it does.

If it is the same OS as the server, it will give you a warning about how the driver on the server coulc be a virus and whatever, just click OK; if it is not the same OS as the server, you will need to install the driver from your CD.

Bada boom, your printer is installed.

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digital vibe

Thank you ttam! :D The printer is connected to the other PC and it works great. You guessed correctly when you said XP because that is what I have (on both PCs). I forgot to put that in my post.

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