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Network randomly slow..

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game_over    711

Long story short we closed for 6 weeks and up on return the network has been really slow, it was perfectly fine before we closed and nothing on the network has changed, we didn't even shut the servers down...

The clients are Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro.

Some issues:

- Extremely slow logging on

- Failing to pick up logon scripts

- Changed group policy settings are not being picked up (even after a gpupdate /force command)

Actually, one thing has changed, our contract with the service provider for the internet has ran out, and we were supposed to be getting our new provider installed while we were closed but due to a massive **** up on their part the work hasn't been done. We were given a temporary work around which involved us changing our DNS forwarders and changing the proxy settings on clients... we're left with a sluggish internet that only works when it feels like it, i wouldn't have thought the internet has anything to do with internal network issues?

I've looked around, restarted servers, checked some logs but there is nothing that stands out.. i dont understand how it can work fine before we close, and then have issues when we return...

I've had a nightmare with the proxy settings, as above i was supposed to change them so we could get online so i did this from the GPO but most of the machines are simply not picking the changes up, so i'm doing it manually for users and even after they log off the settings are reverted back to the old proxy settings.

I also changed something in the logon script and that is only being picked up randomly as well.

Ive ran out of ideas so looking for suggestions? where can i look to troubleshoot? is it DNS related?

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sc302    1,384

dns issues again?

check your event logs

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+BudMan    2,906

"No Windows NT Domain Controller is available for domain <domain name>."

Points to local dns not working - this is how your clients fine the domain. What are your clients pointing to for dns - it has to be one of your AD dns servers. Quite often a DC. Does this answer dns queries? Does it list your domain? Do a dcdiag test on your AD.


DCDIAG /TEST:DNS to validate DNS health.

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