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nVidia driver issue

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+unabatedshagie    10

After my troubles trying to get Windows 8 installed ( I finally managed to get it working.

The only way I got it installed was to take out my current NVidia graphics card and use an older less powerful NVidia card.

After getting it installed I went to the NVidia site, downloaded and installed the latest beta NVidia drivers as I thought installing them would allow me to use my current card.

Problem is when I try and open the NVidia control panel with the older card in it tells me I don't have an NVidia card installed and if I install my newer NVidia card when I boot up windows I have the same graphical glitching issues I had in the previous thread.

Question is has anyone heard of anyone having these issues before or does anyone know how I can get my current NVidia card working?

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Cheryl_27    4

Topic might be better suited for Hardware forum.

Are you sure your card supports Win 8? Or that ANY of the drivers you're trying to install support it? Those are 1st steps -to verify. Driver release notes / specs & GPU tech docs should say if support W8.

Next, have to ensure drivers are installing - fully - & correctly. NOT always easy w/ Nvidia drivers.

Also may get more responses on Nvidia's GPU mfg's forum. Nvidia forums are still apparently down. Possibly someone's written a "how to" on this issue w/ W8.

This may / may not be relevant, but I had SERIOUS problems updating (clean install) Nvidia drivers recently; then NO stable driver vers would install - definitely NOT using their installer. Had to use Vista's "update drivers."

Even still, before Vista would completely install all components of drivers, had to go through fairly extensive process - manually deleting LOTS of leftover Nvidia entries in various places in Windows. I posted process on EVGA forum. "How I beat Nvidia "Installation Failed" errors & no Nvidia Control Panel issues"

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