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I am wondering, since I am about fed up with our cable. My wife won't let me upgrade from basic cable, no TV Box. What I am thinking of doing is get Netflix and Hulu Plus, ($8 apiece) best of both worlds. Will cut our cable upgrade price in half. And no 24-month agreement.

Now, will this work with it? http://www.engadget....on-impressions/

I bought it maybe a few months ago. Rather a toy rather than for Netflix/Hulu use. Should this be able to stand up to the plate?

I understand that any Android device can use Netflix, but I've read around. I hear misconceptions of it not being in full 1080.

Wireless will not be a problem, since the router is in the same room. We have a 7Mbps cable connection, so our bandwidth should be OK.

Will this all work like butter?

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What about the MK802 II? It comes with 1GB. Would I be safer, perhaps, getting a compatible BlueRay player or something? I don't want to pay a heck of a lot on this.

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I actually might reconsider getting the Roku 2 XS. While, yes, it is $100 for the highest model, I think I'll get a hel lot more off of it.

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      In a statement to Gadgets 360, the company said that it is “looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”. The ability to stream content from a browser for free is available on Windows, macOS, and Android. A support page for the free option adds that iOS browsers are currently not supported.

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      It is important to note that you will need to enable that playback setting for every title you watch, so your next video won't play at the same speed as your last watched title if you don't want it to. Along with playback speed controls, Netflix will add a few other capabilities that will help retain the quality of videos, including the automatic correction of pitch in the audio when its normal speed is changed. This is in response to various concerns by the creative community.

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      Due to many of us staying home amid coronavirus-related lockdowns, Netflix probably has had higher than normal usage, which helped the firm in hitting the mark. During the lockdowns, Netflix reduced streaming bit rates to help minimize network congestion and restored it months later.

      In some OnePlus and Samsung phones, the app comes pre-installed, which also helps the numbers. It is safe to say that Netflix is still the biggest streaming service worldwide, as competitors are way behind. For comparison, Hulu has just 50 to 100 million downloads, and the Prime Video app is between 100 to 500 million downloads on the Play Store.

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      Google's Nest Hub smart displays are getting some new entertainment options today with Netflix launching on both the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. The service is rolling out starting today, and it'll be available in every market where both Netflix and Google's Nest devices are available.

      You can link your Netflix account using the Google Home app or the Google Assistant app, and from there, you can use the smart displays to watch Netflix. The app support voice commands such as "Hey Google, play Queer Eye", or you can ask to open the Netflix app and browse it yourself using the touch screen. Playback commands also work with voice, or you can use quick gestures, a Nest Hub feature that lets you play and pause by just raising your hand while facing the device.

      The Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max already supported a handful of video streaming services, such as Hulu and CBS All Access. Additionally, services like Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix itself, already let users cast content from a phone to a smart display.

      Google has been making smart displays stand on their own compared to smart speakers with features that make use of their unique hardware, such as the recently-added support for Duo video calls. If you happen to want more than one, Google is currently offering $75 off when you buy two Google Nest Hub Max devices, making the set cost $383 instead of $458.