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I am wondering, since I am about fed up with our cable. My wife won't let me upgrade from basic cable, no TV Box. What I am thinking of doing is get Netflix and Hulu Plus, ($8 apiece) best of both worlds. Will cut our cable upgrade price in half. And no 24-month agreement.

Now, will this work with it? http://www.engadget....on-impressions/

I bought it maybe a few months ago. Rather a toy rather than for Netflix/Hulu use. Should this be able to stand up to the plate?

I understand that any Android device can use Netflix, but I've read around. I hear misconceptions of it not being in full 1080.

Wireless will not be a problem, since the router is in the same room. We have a 7Mbps cable connection, so our bandwidth should be OK.

Will this all work like butter?

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What about the MK802 II? It comes with 1GB. Would I be safer, perhaps, getting a compatible BlueRay player or something? I don't want to pay a heck of a lot on this.

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I actually might reconsider getting the Roku 2 XS. While, yes, it is $100 for the highest model, I think I'll get a hel lot more off of it.

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