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Any of you who thinks ^THAT is overblown too.... Words will never, ever, EVER come close to expressing the true horror of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my peers. Looking in that girl's eyes... There's no doubt in my mind that every word she spoke, every emotion she projected, was 100% real and un-manufactured. Go back to your childhood, live MY life, live HER life.... And then talk to me about how it's exaggerated.

In cases like this, it's not the victim doing the exaggerating, it's the media company making the show. They do it with the camera angles, the background music, the acting of the show hosts (Cowell is a jerk and would in no way cry for some poor sap he's gonna make another pile of cash from). 99.9% of that entire show is nothing but fakes or gross exaggerations, like every other reality TV show out there.

Sure, it's a sad sad tale she has. But there are billions of others just like her so she's really not special. It's just the program editing that makes it twang on our heartstrings so much, and it kinda makes me laugh that so many people actually FALL for it, too.

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