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Half-Life 3 Rumored to Have RPG, Open World Elements

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bjoswald    210

This just in: Gordon Freeman slips through a time warp and lands in post-apocalyptic USA, with nothing but bandits, go-karts, headcrabs, and John Goodman. When looking upon a shoddy map tacked to the popped-in bulletin board of the nearest rundown shanty of a town, Gordon's hopelessness slowly turns to optimism. But alas, as soon as Mr. Freeman buggies up and begins to explore the new world, he is cut off by invisible walls and forced to remain on the same linear path. Disappointed but committed (as always), Gordon continues his mission and returns home. Back in "town", he sells his leftover junk (found by searching the corpses of the same bandits he has killed 347383784 times before) and speaks to Mr. Goodman, hoping he will provide him with at least one challenging quest to give his existence purpose. Will it be more bandits? Only time will tell...

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Athernar    605

RAGE may have failed, but Borderlands didn't!

Social games have been quite popular too, maybe you'll have to poke 10 people on Facebook to get a kill in Social-Life 3!

Dota 2 has the largest cabal at Valve currently, maybe that means DotHL3 will be a ARTS/MOBA!!!


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