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Many speakers, single channel

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hobblyhoy    0

I currently have a computer with a whole bunch of media files I'd like to be able to play across about 24 speakers. These speakers are of pretty different size (however all are fairly "normal" speakers with regards to frequency range, no tweeters or subwoofers) and I imagine different Impedance. I want to be able to play the music thats on this computer to all of these speakers (just the single channel). So obviously I'll need an amplifier and some way of getting the music from the computer to the amplifier.

I know next to nothing about amplifiers. What type/style/power amplifier is best for this setup?

What is the highest quality connection I can make between the computer and the amplifier?

If the standard audio out port on a computer wont provide good enough sound quality I'm willing to purchase additional hardware (and there are available PCI ports on the computer).

Thanks for reading,


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