3 Tower Defense Games You Might Enjoy

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Elf Defense


This is a very colorful game to say the least. Honestly, I think this game is a tower defense game that is more geared towards children, but adults will still find it fun to play. This was actually made by the same company that made another game I?m going to list below.

Lich Defense


Lich Defense is a really fun game and I have personally spent hours playing it so far. I really like the style and it?s a much more serious game than Elf Defense. The game has a much darker feel to it and I think it?s more geared towards adults. I love it and there?s always something to do.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld


This game is definitely a favorite when it comes to tower defense games. The display and graphics are absolutely stunning and it ranks very high with reviewers. It?s a little more expensive than the other games on the list, but to some people it could be worth it.

Do you have any other tower defense games you would suggest? If so, let me know!

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Im sure you have played it already but Kingdom Rush is by far the best tower defense game I have ever played. They have continued to support the release by adding additional maps for free. I finally beat each map with all three challenges so I await the next release. I also want to check out Field Runners 2 but I have a tough time paying more than $2 or $3 for a game on the ipad.

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