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TwistedBrush Pro Studio v19.08 Released

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TwistedBrush Pro Studio includes everything that TwistedBrush has to offer including over 5000 brushes and full brush editing all at a great price. Great for original digital painting, photo editing and all forms of digital art.

TwistedBrush Open Studio: TwistedBrush Open Studio has most of the great features of TwistedBrush Pro Studio but just a handful of the very fine brushes included and without brush editing ability, all for FREE. Additional collections of brushes are available for purchase.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio v19.08 Released

30 September 2012

Whats New:

? Added - Art Pro - Silhouette ArtSet added.

? Added - Option to Zoom to Center added in the Preferences dialog. This will move the target of the zoom towards the center of the screen.

? Added - Auto-repeat added for the Zoom in and Zoom out hot keys (+ and -)

? Added - Display the page Width and Height in the Info panel.

? Added - Link to the Pixarra Fine Art Printing service from the Help menu.

? Added- Pixarra Fine Art Printing paper sizes added to the Set Page Size dialog.

? Added - Layer mode Silhouette added. Only of use for Silhouette brushes.

? Added - Brush effect Silhouette Mode added.

? Improved - The Page Clear and Page Fill commands now honor the layer alpha lock.

? Improved - Clip brushes were not conforming to the alpha channel restrictions for Liquid and Blob brushes.

? Fixed - The random size and rotation setting for a number of brushes in the Art Pro - Clip Brushes ArtSet didn't work.

? Fixed - Setting the Horizontal Amount and Vertical Amount to zero for the Pattern filter could result in a crash.

? Fixed - Mouse wheel zooming slower than it should have been and was missing actions on some mouse wheel clicks.

? Fixed - Using the Copy Merge option with the Copy tool could result in a crash if the selection rectangle was off the page.

? Fixed - The Page Summary totals was counting layer again each time a page was loaded.

? Fixed - Hot keys were not available after using buttons on the layer panel.

uploader.gifDownload: TwistedBrush Pro Studio

view-fields.pngView: Changelog

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