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Troubleshooting DXVA

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riceBox    97

I can't seem to play videos with DXVA enabled on MPC-HC. MPC-HC remains in Stop mode. There were no problems before, MPC-HC plays videos with DXVA just fine. Now, I have to go back to VMR-9 for videos to play properly.

I reinstalled Catalyst 12.8 already and still can't play with DXVA enabled. I ran DXVA Checker as well.



CPU: Core i3 350m

GPU: Mobility Radeon HD5650


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Shane Nokes    739

I'm having a similar issue with PowerDVD. In Windows 8 it seems like the AMD/ATi drivers do not enable DXVA for decoding a lot of content.

I was trying to figure out why I was having an issue with high CPU usage for watching my BD content and that's when I spotted that it wasn't on.

Unfortunately AMD hasn't seen fit to release a driver with a working CCC for the HD3850, and I'm a bit tapped for doing an upgrade at the moment.

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