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Cisco Linksys EA4500

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+BudMan    2,921

"Superhub issue stripping or not picking up the DNS, it really is that crap."

Sorry dude it doesn't work like that! I don't care how freaking crappy it is, which I believe you when you say its crappy. Sorry it can not strip out options in a dhcp offer packet.. It just can not.

And I agree with you that in general they hand it out - but in this case they were NOT. The SH had nothing to do with the issue. This was clearly shown when he connected his pc and did a sniff of the whole dhcp transaction, discover, offer, request, ack, etc. No dns in the offer! Now in his case he is showing the ack, but he sent me the full file - and we looked at it on his machine via tv, and nope no dns in the offer.

glad he got it sorted. And hope with his trace he posted, they will fix the dhcp scope that was misconfigured for the next guy.

This is exactly how you want troubleshooting issues to go, find the root cause of his problem - in this case no dns in the dhcp offer that his router needs to contact cisco with so it knows its online and can phone home, etc. Find a work around, he changed his mac to use a different scope. Report the problem to the proper place to get it correctly fixed.

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