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Steve Jobs is missed by Silicon Valley

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The Gunslinger    9

I'd class this news the same as an article mourning the loss of L. Ron Hubbard written by Tom Cruise.


Or Smithers lamenting the loss of Mr Burns.

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What I love is how just like the readers of Heat Magazine or TMZ think they know sh*t about the celebrities they're so obsessed about, and relish in attacking them and stating outright what awful people they are, the members of Neowin feel they can do the same about Steve Jobs.

Famous, public figure or not ... not one person on here knew Steve Jobs and not one person here can comment on him as a person. Anyone doing so seriously needs to take a reality check and stop living in a fantasy world where you know people who'd not care to know you back.

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BoredBozirini    235

wow.. Robert Scoble, an Apple suckup missing Jobs. What a shocker /s.

He's all sad that Apple is getting worse and worse. Scoble doesn't represent Silicon Valley nor does anyone really miss Steve Jobs.

We have a lot of innovation and things are moving faster than ever and the only ones who are trying to slow that progress are, are Apple and it's current people who are going by Jobsian emotional outbursts and pettiness legacy. Aside from BS keynotes, not sure what we are really missing.

I sure don't miss him at all.

I think you are just hurt by the wrong predictions on HTC's growth. Just like everything else, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. See you in Apple's earnings report in a couple of weeks to see what your excuse will be.

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