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Man set on fire in front of 5-year-old daughter

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A man was set on fire in his home in Troyes, in front of his five-year-old daughter, after a group of men tied him up and poured petrol on him on Sunday afternoon.

The 28-year-old builder, who spoke to the police before being sedated in hospital, said the men tied his hands before pouring a flammable liquid on his body and shouting ?You?re going to pay for what you did?.

The builder suffered 40 percent burns mainly to his chest and face.

Police intend to ask his five-year-old daughter, the only witness to the crime, for more details in the coming days.

Speaking to local paper L?Est Eclair, the man?s father said: ?My son has never hurt anyone, but he wasn?t a pushover.?


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It's always wrong to take the law into your own hands. And to do such an evil act in front of his daughter.....she will be scarred for life.

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