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Backup Imaging Software - Any Free Ones?!

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Hey All,

I have been using EASEUS ToDo Backup, Acronis True Image and Symantec Backup System Recovery for a number of years now and they are fine.

However i am interested to know if anyone has come across some cheaper alternatives? or even a free open source type imaging backup software? These kind of things would be great for my smaller clients who just see spending ?900 on new backup software out of the question.

Suggestions very welcome!


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+BudMan    2,921

There a bajillion free image taking software out there - look in the freeware list here on neowin for a start.

This question gets asked like weekly as well ;)

Yes clonezilla is one that has huge amount of support, actively maintained and 100's of thousands of users across the globe if not millions ;) Very mature and great product. But if your from windows world using the ImageX that comes part of waik might be better suited - and there is even a few gui's for it. Its free from MS.

Simple imageX command can take image of live system and place it on storage either local or across the network.

Are these windows boxes - if so what flavor? If SMB I would think ultimate or enterprise so they can join domain right? You can just use the built in backup software on the os to take an image can you not.

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