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Cyplex    34

Hi there,

Me and a few coworkers were asked as a side job to put a project together where we analyze documents (in this case we call them audits) and find consistencies on deficiencies of 5 categories.

We thought maybe instead of doing this by hand and making it for future usage it would be better if we could incorporate into a simple Microsoft Access database.

For reference, the are currently five categories and within those five there are 16 variables that use simple YES/NO/NA. We currently have 56 employees in this specific department and this will be used in a healthcare environment

Pretty much our goal is to be able to pick an employee and input their YES/NO/NA audit answers into the database and see where there are trends of too many yes,no, n/a to assist in identifying the deficiencies of that specific employee and address it.

We would like to be able to enter more data for each employee, meaning as the employee completes more audits we could continue to assess their trends.

I'm willing to pay (reasonably of course!) for someone to put something like this together for us or hear any feedback that might be helpful on accomplishing something of this aspect.



Note: Note really sure where to post this, so moderators feel free to move accordingly.

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Kami-    178

Send me a proper spec and I'll get back to you with time estimates.

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