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One for my sister this as she's not signed up on Neowin...

Basically, i have a 3GS, she has a 4S. We both wont have a smartphone without a screen protector & we both like the flip wallet kind of case. A typical example being:


Now with my 3GS, i don't have a problem - fit the screen protector, put the phone into the case & away i go.

My sister did hers but the case where it grips the phone keeps lifting & bubbling the screen protector - not good.

I don't know if it's this type of case, or just a faulty case. The 3GS has rounded edges whereas the 4S has box edges. She also had to have a bit of a battle to fit the phone in the case & a bigger battle getting the phone out.

So right now she's having to use a phone sock, which she would rather not do.

Does anyone have one of these types of cases & a screen protector & also avoids the screen protector lifting/air-bubbling?

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4G stuff is not compatible with 3G stuff. I have a hard plastic case and I have never used a screen protector. With the flip thing, you should be fine because it's protecting the screen.

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That doesn't answer the question though.

I also never spoke of 3G things/accessories being compatible with 4G.

You go on eBay & you can buy screen protectors specific for the iPhone [insert model here - e.g. 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5].

While on eBay you can also buy flip cases for the iPhone [insert model here].

I have done this for my iPhone 3GS & have no issue.

My sister did this for the iPhone 4S (as in bought 4S specific screen protector & 4S specific case - i know this as they look different to my 3GS case & screen protector) & once the protector is on, the case lifts it at the edges & makes it bubble.

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