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[Ethernet Cable] Caused a BSOD, I think.

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leesmithg    226


Just received a new Ethernet cable.

I went back to the cable as the netgear 200mps-1 network plugs prevented me from running a homegroup in my household.

I did have 4 at one stage, could not get them all to link up via the electricity circuit in my house, so decided to re-open

then hole in my wall and run an Ethernet cable again.

I set the cable up and noticed that it was a metre or two, to short.

So I went to and ordered a couple of extender clips.

After I hit order, I got a BSOD and my pc rebooted.

Not had one ever on 7 pro x64 so thought it was I.E. acting up.

PC booted up, I right click messenger in notification area (system tray) to start it up and another BSOD.

So the question is, ''could it be the cable that has caused the issue''?

Thanks for the replies!

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