Chrono Trigger Out Now on Android

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If you've never experienced Chrono Trigger on the SNES, it's now available on Android.

Created by a drool-worthy group of designers consisting of the talent behind legendary series such as Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, was groomed to either be a fantastic success or doomed to dismal failure. Fortunately, Chrono Trigger proved to be the former and has since been ported again and again, from the PlayStation to iOS.

Chrono Trigger came to the Apple App Store last December. Android's playing catch-up. Square Enix just made Chrono Trigger available on Google Play, pricing it at parity with the iOS version at $9.99.

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I'd like to try it but the reviews haven't been that great from a technical point of view. It doesn't seem worth ?6.99 just yet. Maybe if they improve the controls.

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