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Failing to Install Fabric Manager on Windows 2008 due to Postsql Issues, so

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I was trying to install Fabric Manager on Windows 2008 x64 server

getting the error of

Failed to start PostgreSQL. A security software agent may be blocking PostgreSQL from installing

as I checked , may be related to Antivirus so disabled , and may be related to remote service so ran using vmware console but was the same

the last thing is Port which I will check shortly

I was thinking it is because of the Run As Administrator Issue which Windows 2008 has for most Servers ( as I had to create the Directories of the Fabric Manager Manually since Installer failed to !! )

But Unable to do so with the Fabric Installer as it runs from Java on cmd then you proceed , dont find the msi to run as Administrator

What do you suggest ? is there a way to make sure the installer of Fabric Manager ( Run as Administrator ) ?

Have anyone faced this Issue ? is installing Oracle 10 G or 11g is a betteroption ?

Please Advise

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