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Woman ordered to wear idiot sign

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dead.cell    3,778

Good call! (Y) Also reminds me of this:


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suprNOVA    160

I have but if you read on I said there are other countries where kids walk off school buses (or even regular public transportation) and cross the road just fine without being run over.

It doesn't have to be a law, it should just be common sense.

Edit: Sorry I just realized that my original post came out kindoff stupid. I meant to say that I think it's retarded that it needs to be a law to prevent people doing that. But I can no longer edit that post so this counts as that edit lol.

Haha okay yeah that makes sense. I was reading this article and was like "is this guy serious wtf". but yeah the fact that there needs to be a law in place is kinda stupid. but hey...what can you do? :)

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fehu    54

I find it pretty funny actually. Now I find the whole stop behind a school bus that's unloading children absolutely retarded (no other country has this and kids aren't dying on the streets)

I'm starting to see the origins of america's problems: selection is based on casual lucky and not on the fittest

Btw evolution is wrong, so if God want to kill a kid maybe there's the possibility that that kid growing would have done something terrible like becoming a liberal

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