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Lena Eaton, a 91-year-old great grandmother, is arguably the luckiest woman in Indiana.

In the past three months, the Indianapolis resident has purchased not one, but two winning lottery tickets.

In August, Eaton won a $300,000 prize with a Quick Draw ticket. On Thursday, she walked into the Hoosier Lottery headquarters with another winning ticket: a scratch-off worth $99,999.

In doing so, she defied incredible odds.

For her first win, she matched 10 of 20 Quick Draw numbers on a ticket purchased at the Discount Check Cashing store on the 2800 block of Lafayette Road. The chances of that happening? One in 8.9 million.

For her second win, she bought a $5 Scorchin' Hot 9s scratch-off ticket at a Safeway Foods on the 3000 block of Kessler Ave. She had a one in 646,000 chance of winning that one.

The odds of winning both: One in 5.7 trillion.


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You know, I think I may be kin to her. :p

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