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DHCP leases and subnets on Server 2003R2

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farmeunit    612

To make a long story short, I had to re-subnet our network so I could re-organize it and fix a few things. I also deleted the VLANs temporarily so they're using the same DHCP server and we put in all new switching.

The problem is that I'm getting quite a few conflicting IPs and Bad Addresses on the DHCP Server (Windows 2003R2). Is there a way to get this to work itself out quicker? Leases are set to 2 days right now. Could I set them to say 6 hours or 12 hours temporarily? Would that make a difference? We have about 350 devices connecting, so it's not a huge amount.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Additional Info: I just set "Enable Conflict Detection" to 1. It was 0. Hopefully that'll help?

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+BudMan    3,202

so you deleted all your vlans - so you went to just a flat network? Ie single large address space to allow for all your 350 devices? something like

Does this new dhcp scope overlap with your old address space? If so then sure you could have issues if detection wasn't working - and clients were running on their old leases.

if changing to new address space, I would of made sure you new address space did not overlap with your old address space.

Where there any devices with static IPs that overlap with your new address space.

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