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Which motherboard? (Low budget office computer: i3-3225 + H61 mobo)

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Spartan Erik    150

Hey everyone, my mom's old Win XP, 2 GB RAM, 2.8 GHz P4 HT office computer is pretty slow, so I'm thinking of getting her a new build.

MC has an i3-3225 for $119.99, so I'm thinking of getting that since it's the cheapest processor with integrated graphics that qualifies for the processor+motherboard bundle discount.

I plan on installing pairing this processor with a 64 GB SSD with Windows 7, an ODD, and 4 GB of RAM.

This leads me to my next question.. which motherboard is better?

^--39.99 after discount+rebates

^--49.99 after discount+rebates

I know both motherboards above don't have DVI inputs which is fine, her monitor is VGA only anyway. USB 3 isn't necessary, nor is overclocking potential; like I said, this is a low budget office build. I'm just not sure whether or not it's worth spending the extra $10 on the ASRock motherboard.

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Mindovermaster    987

The 3220 is $20 cheaper, you know.

I would get the Gigabyte out of the 2.

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