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For Apple,

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benthebear    300

He was Apple and if they want to continue they need to open up, offer OSX on PC for a start.

Now why would a hardware company do that? While it would be nice if OS X were opened up like Windows, I think Apple would only go down that road if they crunched some numbers and those numbers showed that they would make a lot more off of OS X licenses than they would selling computers with OS X. Sort of like Sega's shift from hardware/software to software only.

I do agree that Apple needs to open up if they want to remain relevant. One example is that Apple needs to release a Facetime/iMessages client for Windows especially since Microsoft looks to be making big waves with Skype. If I were Microsoft, I would launch an ad campaign highlighting the differences between the two. I think it would be one of those things that Microsoft wouldn't have to pad the feature list to make it look better.

Shoot, Apple could release an iMessages client for Android if they want to troll some.

Are the maps really that much of an issue or is it just something Apple haters have latched on to?

The maps have worked fine for me any time I've tried them.

Results vary. While I've seen other people have problems with it, it is definitely a nice upgrade for me. For my area, I find the POI data to be on par with Google's, and the satellite imagery is a lot more current.

About the Apple haters, I think it is something they've latched on to. Again, there are problems with the app that people legitimately have issues with, but I just find it funny that on Neowin there's a group of people who wouldn't touch anything Apple with your d**k spamming the forums about how bad the maps app is. People need a distraction, I guess.

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