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Last Man Standing Season 2

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"Alexandra Krosney, who played Kristin, the eldest daughter of Allen?s Mike and Nancy Travis? Vanessa, has been let go from the show for creative reasons, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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I've given this show two tries and I can't watch it. I couldn't even get through the 2nd episode. The new actress does not mix at all with the chemistry of the other actors.

A: She tries way to hard to act like Alexandra Kronsey (any show I've ever watched that I've seen a replacement actor do this, it's always pure fail. When you try too hard, it stands out).

B: a 28 year old cannot pass for an 18-20 year old in the show.

They say she left due to "creative reasons" what are those reasons? What does that exactly mean?? Does that mean she didn't like the show and left for her own? Or did they do the 90210 thing and didn't like her like when they let go of Brenda after season 4 (why they would do that Is beyond me, she was a great actor for this show and her chemistry with the other actors/characters blended in well!).

If ABC wants to save this show they either need to....

bring Alex back


Write off the current Vanessa.

I've been reading a lot of comments off other sites and asked a few of my friends who watched the first season of this show and they're pretty much in agreement: they can't watch the show with this new current actor. She doesn't fit in.

Again if anyone knows what the heck I left for "creative reasons" actually means, please tell me, it's bogging my brain trying to figure that one out!


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I've seen a few episodes and all I do is wait for Tim to do his Tim Taylor grunt lol. I can't picture him as anyone other than Tim Taylor.

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