Police: CU-Boulder student arrested after wearing 'Joker' mask

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Boulder police this evening arrested a 17-year-old who wore a clown hat and "Joker" mask inside one of the movie theaters at Twenty Ninth Street -- a prank that scared moviegoers so badly that some of them ran out of the cineplex.

The teenage suspect, who was arrested on suspicion of menacing, told police that he was aware of the theater shooting in Aurora this summer.

During that July 20 shooting spree, suspected gunman James Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring another 58 at a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises." According to media reports, Holmes had colored his hair orange and claimed to be dressed as the Joker from the Batman comics and movies.

Police are not releasing the teenager's name because he is a minor, but said that he is a part-time student at the University of Colorado.

The suspect told police that he wore the mask to Century Boulder Theater, 1710 29th St., to scare his friends and said he wanted to dress as the "Joker" next year for Halloween. He was carrying the mask and hat in a shopping bag when police approached him, according to the police department.

While there were no weapons or threats and nobody was injured, five people who reported the incident told police they felt imminent fear for their personal safety and ran out of the theater, according to investigators.

The 17-year-old faces five counts of misdemeanor menacing.

The suspect was taken to juvenile detention.


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Even as a fictional character the Joker is able to instil fear.

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The teenage suspect, who was arrested on suspicion of menacing, told police that he was aware of the theater shooting in Aurora this summer.

Which makes him even more stupid.

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Shane Nokes


What is that phrase about giving up liberty for safety again?

The kid was dressed up for Halloween as a character that was around for decades before the shooting in Aurora.

By your standards no one would be able to dress up as a clown of any sort...due to John Wayne Gacy.

Happy Halloween...


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Stupid ***** ass citizens.

The police should make cards called "***** Cards". If your report deems you a *****, they give you one :p

Apparently now wearing mask is just going to be illegal. And anything else that some one ever used to kill another person.

I'm scared of cars, knives, guns, penciles, words, mask, coolade, and everything else in this world. Police, arrest everyone because I'm a big fat *****!

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I would sue the police. But as the parent I would slap some sense into him. By slap I mean find some non-violent, non-verbally abusive, non-mentally scaring way of educating him about the poor choice he made.

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