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IE10 Release Preview for Windows 7 Available

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dwLostCat    998

One Question, does that default one will be 64-bit on installation, I installed 64-bit unlike previously I am unable to find 64-bit IE in All Programs??

It loads the 64 bit version by default, I believe. That may or may not load separate 32 bit instances for tabs...I thought that was how it's going to work but I'd have to look into it.

I had asked this question already a few days ago, in a totally sepearate topic, when I installed IE10.

Does anyone know what that dllhost.exe/COM surrogate service is that now runs since installing IE10?

I know what the COM surrogate is, but can find no way to disable the service. I'm almost sure it's related to the Do Not Track feature, but not positive.

I solved that issue though by removing IE10. It is not much of an improvement over IE9 on my machines.

COM surrogate service is probably to use 32 bit plugins/tab instances in a 64 bit app. Don't know, since I'm not running win7. It has nothing to do with DNT.

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Kamran Mackey    86

Thanks for the link to download. IE runs faster than ever now!

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