Selling iPhone 5, getting Samsung Galaxy S 3

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Two big reasons not to go for a Nexus 4, No SD Card slot, and No LTE

No LTE: I use Tmo, so ATT and Verizon can gouge all they want with their pricey LTE network and it won't matter for me. No point in paying for something I don't need. Might as well get better battery life at the same time.

No SD Card slot: All I can say to this is get used to it as this is the new norm and is a sacrifice the iphone, nokia 920, and htc oneX all have taken for the sake of better design. If you want more storage, buy the model with more. Again, no need to make the rest of us pay for something we don't need when built in storage is more than sufficient for most people, including myself. Besides, the only reason I can think of why people need so much storage is for all the games they download on it and barely end up playing.

Also they aren't cheaper than the S3 as I can get an S3 for $149 brand new right now.

Yes, you can. But that pricing will almost certainly require signing a new expensive contract, and have to go through the extra hassle of unlocking it. As of right now, you can probably find a new sgs3 on ebay for around $350-$400, which is about the same as the N4.

I use Tmo's $30 prepaid plan, which has only 100 talk minutes, but comes with unlimited text/data. Works flawlessly with google voice and voip to make calls. Can't see why I would want to bother with a contract.

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So SGS3 it is? If you have any interest in custom ROMs, good news is that the SGS3 and One X both have official CM10 (and variants) support with nightlies, so that's an upgrade from the Captivate which took forever to hit CM official.

First thing I am doing when I get home with it is making it a SuperNexus with CM10.

Dude, I'm amazed you got that much for your Iphone..... Just wow. Get yourself an S3 and a big ass steak dinner :p

Plan on getting the phone and a Nexus 7. Was trying to decide between a iPad Mini or the Nexus 7, but I already have an iPad so I figured I would give the Nexus 7 a shot

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Well the time has come, I am finally jumping ship from Apple back to Android. I have owned every iPhone since the 2g and own 2 Apple TV's, 2 iPads, and a 2012 Macbook Pro but have decided after purchasing the iPhone 5 the day it was released, that I am going back Android for my phone.

iPhone 5 for me is not what I wanted it to be. Most of the apps still aren't updated for the bigger screen so you have these bars up top and at the bottom. LTE is not available in my area with AT&T, hell it isn't available ANY where in my State yet, so its pointless for me, and overall I am just not happy with it. The OS has gotten very stale and with no jailbreak available, I have nothing to play around with to keep me interested. I also have had to return my iPhone 5 twice already due to hardware defects, and now looks like we have a new hardware defect with the screen not being able to keep up with swipes.

I was an Apple fanboi, an iSheep, yes, yes I was, but since Steve has died things have slowly started to go downhill, and with them releasing new products way to fact and some without quality testing and issues arising, I just don't see them continuing to climb, but instead decline.

Sorry to hear that you don't like your AT&T Apple IPhone 5. I will miss the fact that you will no longer be posting in this Sub-Forum (that is of course unless you own a different Apple IOS Device like an IPad or IPod Touch). I personally considered you the closest thing to a friend in this Sub-Forum and hope that you enjoy your new Samsung Gallaxy S 3. I personally Love my Verizon Wireless Apple IPhone 5 (I am currently Running Apple IOS 6.1.0 Beta 2 on it), and just recently bought a Verizon Wireless Apple IPad Mini from (I am running Apple IOS 6.1.0 Beta 2 on it). The main reason why I just plain don't like Android OS is that here on Verizon Wireless: Samsung Gallaxy S 3 owners are at least the last time that I checked still stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich and are Complaining in the Verizon Wireless Forums like cats and dogs about just exactly when they are going to get Jelly Bean Legally with out having to Root their Devices! Your Friend, KEVPAN815. Edit: Just noticed in your post that you do indeed own other Apple IOS Devices! :-)

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The Evil Overlord

Unless you have already bought it, make sure the S3 is the quad core 2gb ram model(I believe it's available now), or possibly the new note if it's definitely a samsung phone you like

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