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Leaving IT... for something much better.

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Glassed Silver    940

I also work in IT, and used to agree that it's a thankless job. You see, I worked in a bank, so everything WAS nickels and dimes... But you know what? Last December I moved from the banking industry to the healthcare industry (system and network administration for a dialysis company, 20 facilities), and my mind was blown. I continue in IT, but its no longer a thankless job. I get to see how my work makes a difference in peoples lives. Maybe im not shown appreciation every day, but man, the satisfaction is there. Healthcare is generally awesome, even more if your company does charitable work (which mine does).

Now you will get to appreciate both sides (to the OP).

My advice? Never fear change, as change is always good, and good things come for those who seek it.

And, Glassed, my firend, do not fear. Those are stages in life... and you are awesome enough to surpass that, as you always handle things so well around here. I should say, consider that a gift. And if it's art, art it is! (I come from a family of artists, singers, painters, musicians, sculptors; and I went into IT, masochist maybe, lol).


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

Neowin really boosts my decision.

I hope the art college will think I'm fitting their way of art well enough.

Next week on Wednesday they have an introductory course on creating your sample work for your application.

I'm pumped and a little fearful.

My parents wouldn't understand last time already, I hope that this time things are easier, I have yet to tell them my decision and I'm holding back as long as I can to not get downed so quick and concentrate on MY LIFE and not THEIR FEARS which they really pressure me with.

I've switched my college courses once before already.

(from Religion and English to Information Technologies... *sigh*)

I just don't fit the "regular" studies and subjects.

I'm creative and playful.

I'm keen on doing photography or designing things.

I also find that I usually get along with people of "my kind" way better.

My best friend is an artist, we're getting along nicely and I do with many more artists.

With tech people in my courses it's so... "Oh yeah"ish...

I just don't fit.

Time to move on, appreciate change and hope for the best.

It's just I'm very fearful I won't get accepted and that there will be tons of drama. :laugh:

Glassed Silver:mac

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Sandor    436

If you're bored and want a change then go for it. You only live once and won't get to replay your life. If you don't fancy spending the next 30 years in IT then it's time to move on to something else. Most people these days don't have "one career" but several through their working life.

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giantsnyy    57


Hey man honestly I haven't even started yet and my whole attitude towards life itself has improved. Just knowing I'll be doing something I love, even if people don't approve of it is enough for me to be happier than i have ever been. I've switched majors several times... and each time it was into something that I didn't want... first it was computer science, then business management, then marketing, then network infrastructure. I know that this time, I have to start from scratch. I'll be spending the next 11 years in school... but the end result will make me a very happy person. Do what you feel is right... no matter what anyone says. It is YOUR life after all.

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