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External hard drives AutoPlay appears when I first turn my PC on - why?

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Elliot B.    1,199

When I turn my PC on and Windows loads, I get 4x AutoPlay dialogues, one for each of my external hard drives.

Any idea why?

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Haggis    988

did you read all of it?

First make vissible all hidden folders and files.

Open your HDD

Check if there is a folder named autorun.inf

Check if there is a file named autorun.inf

Delete both of them.

Then create a new folder with name autorun.inf and leave it empty.

In case you don't like to see the folder make these few steps.

To super hidde this folder open a command prompt.

Click Start and in search type cmd.

Then go to your HDD root.

For example we assuming that the drive letter of the disk is E.

You must type.


E:\attrib e:\autorun.inf +s +h

That's it,close command prompt and hidde again your hidden files and folders.

Restart your computer and see if it worked.

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