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there's a $2 differential for nightstock. So he was really offered $10. The $2 would disappear if he transferred to days. Still $10 + 2 for a level 3 job isn't bad. What job did you work? Were you a greeter? sales associate? cashier? and when did you have this job? Ten years ago? Did you ever try to bargain for a higher wage? Whether you know it or not employers actually like employees who value their own time because that means they are more likely to value company time too. You could have probably talked them up to 9 to 9.50 easy.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but bingo.

Walmart wants people who show initiative, backbone, and a willingness to commit to both the company and their families. Part of why I was offered that position at $12 an hour for stocking was due to that. I pointed out to them that I was currently making about $10 an hour with my current job, and being married it was hard to make ends meet. I told them that if I was going to be away from my wife every single night that I needed better pay & benefits for it.

What they offered me was that $12 an hour, plus a benefits package that actually didn't bite very hard into the paycheck. This happened only because I told them what I could accept, why it was necessary for it to be that way, and that I couldn't even entertain an offer that didn't fit.

They called me within a couple days to make the offer, but by then I had already had another offer, so I had to turn it down...and even then they contacted me over the next couple months to still see if I was available. The managers there really liked me.

I've also known several people just like me who also have worked there, and received fair wages and benefits. One of my friends is a single mother and she has worked her ass off and makes enough to rent a house, pay for all her sons school stuff and medical stuff...and isn't on any form of government help.

Amazing what can happen when you advocate for yourself and prove that you are a valuable asset to a company.

Seriously it is a shame how there are people out there who just refused to give another human being the decency and respect they deserve simply because they view that person to be "beneath them" because of the job they currently have.

I personally have way more respect for some who works in WalMart or McDonalds or the list goes on and on as that person in my opinion is showing they are willing to do what needs to be done to make ends meet.

Exactly. I have a ton of respect for people in service industries. I've worked in a few positions myself, and do not look down on them. I've worked at McD's, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, & KFC. I've worked doing support for Verizon, MS, and various other companies over the years. That's how I started was doing support positions, and then have moved up over time.

There is nothing wrong with it and anyone who has a problem with those in the retail, restaurant, or other service industries well, that's their own personal problem and loss. Some of those folks are some of the best people I've ever known.

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