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iPhone 3Gs 6.0.1 - No notifications

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Nicholas-c    37

Hey guys, I had my 3Gs and due to it slowly dying my mother gave me her old one so I quickly wiped it upgraded to 6.0.1 and restored from backup. All good. However today after a days use I noticed one thing... I hadn't used it... No one had text me, Emailed me or Contacted me via facebook or anything... I could just be lonely I know, So I unlocked my screen and low and behold I had 13 unread texts, 6 Facebook notifications and 16 unread e-mails... What the hell.

After some testing it seems that notifications aren't making any sounds, displaying or anything. If I go to Settings -> Notifications I get nothing... Nothing at all.

Is it broke? Really cba with re-installing the firmware again.



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Co_Co    346

Maybe dont restore from a backup?

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