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Got a Galaxy Nexus GSM.

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Sikh    192

So I've been watching the galaxy nexus for months but then with the recent nexus rumors I waited. Well after seeing the nexus 4 instead of stepping into it I picked up a used good condition galaxy nexus for a steal.

Anyway first real true android phone. I promised myself I would only buy a pure Google device and I did.

I also love 4.2 and that made me react faster. Anyway its rooted and I was wondering if you kind people mind sharing some Tweaks/apps/launchers/etc.

Anyway one tweak I need is a way to quick reply to texts. I love intelliscreen for that reason. Also a way to quick compose a message without having to go to the messages app.

Thanks for reading and I hope I see some stuff tomorrow morning.


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Eternal Tempest    534

Rooted Apps I've purchased

Titanium Backup

Root Explorer (Speed Software)

Rom Manger

For Launchers, I have ADW Launcher EX... but on a Android 4x it's kinda of useless. But it gives 4x intervace to 2x devices. (It's been updated overhauled just recently, it's had no development on it for a while)

Nova Launcher Prime is not bad either.

Apps that always get re-installed

Kingsoft Office (edit/create/view Microsoft office documents) Free

ezPDF Reader (perfer over Adobe Reader app)

reddit is fun golden

Barcode Scanner (zxing team)

Google (Lab's) "Field Trip" is a cool app

Wifi Analyzer (farproc)

HDR Camera+ (don't be fooled by it's "sale" it's always on sale)

NFC Taginfo & PassportIMageDecoder (NFC Reserach Lab)

SMS Backup & Restore (Ritesh Sahu)

QuickPic ( I use this as a replacement for the built in gallery


Where's My Perry (Disney)

World of Goo (2d boy)

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smith.s    2

Quick Reply(SMS Lite).

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Sikh    192

Thanks for the list guys.

Quick reply doesn't work for me. I need something that lets me type a reply and not use a premade reply.

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