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Lincoln movie (Daniel day lewis)

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chrisj1968    1,417

What a heck of a great movie. Lincoln was a great man and he had his hands full. But the movie was excellent. not a dry eye, including mine at the end of course due to Lincolns demise (no surprise there). But I am firmly convinced that Daniel Day Lewis will rock the Academy awards and oscars. When the movie was over alot of us in the auditorium were convinced we were watching the real Lincoln. The acting was top of the line and probably one of Spielbergs finest achievements. I like most of his work but he did a great service to the country and portrayal of all characters. We all stood up in applause and I'm more than certain that, the black people who were next and front of my wife and I, were able to see that the GOP isn't and was never their enemy. I suggest EVERYONE watch this movie to get a perspective of all the characters involved but, where the party lines terribly skewed away and the infighting of both parties got hot and heavy

I did see how the democrats were hardcore pro slavery and the GOP had their work cut out for them to gain enough votes in the house to approve the 13th amendment as the Senate had already passed it due to a majority GOP senate.

But I sorta looked away a few times and wondered why I , having supported the GOP this past election we were called racist? the GOP pushed the idea that by the law, all men are equal. the GOP wanted to end slavery and believed that ending slavery would end the civil war since, there would be no reason for the south to secede from the union anymore. sorta deflate their stance.

Anyway, from my personal research and watching the movie, I came away with the understanding that slaves/blacks/EVERYONE were winners because the GOP resolved that All men are created equal in the eyes of GOD.

But I came away not being ashamed of having voted as I had because, in my mind, during this last election(2012), I can sleep well at night knowing I voted for the party who wasn't approving of slavery but were about freedom set forth in the constitution.

I hope after reading this, you'll see that this movie will make you think. Lincoln was a smart, intelligent man, hamstrung with trying to stitch my country back together during a time when what he fought for, the 13th amendment, wasn't popular and why it was a background reason, not the main reason for the civil war. In the end it cost him his life. I feel alot better having served my country now AFTER such a good man.

I sincerely hope you all will go to watch the movie and come away with your own thoughts, not necessarily like mine.

9/10 stars.. there is no perfect movie! just those who touch our souls.

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DirtyLarry    2,092

Cannot wait to see it. Believe I am going to go on Thanksgiving weekend with my parents and wife.

If my parents are not interested in doing so, me and my wife may go see it tomorrow. Truly cannot wait.

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Asrokhel    146

I see my initial reply was deleted.

Anyway, I've already seen the movie a couple weeks ago, it was good. I just wish my country [Canada] would do a big budget movie about one of our Prime Ministers, preferably one when the War of 1812 was taking place!

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