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Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack - Review

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hutchinson_1989    1

I have posted my personal review of the 'Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack'. Enjoy. (Photos on the website)

Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack

When the iPhone 5 launched there was a very limited amount of accessories available.

This however was not the case last year, many accessory manufacturers had created iPhone 5 accessories based on rumours, turns out we only got a 4S without a redesign.

MobileFun has put together The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack, available in White or Black for only ?19.95, the pack includes 6 accessories.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Desk Stand
  • Apple iPhone 5 Car Holder
  • FlexiShield Skin for Apple iPhone 5
  • Mini Portable Desk Stand
  • 1 Amp USB Car Charger Adaptor
  • 5 x MFX Screen Protector

iPhone 5 Desktop Stand

The iPhone 5 desk stand is a quirky phone holder, it?s designed to look like an iMac and it holds the phone securely in both landscape and portrait modes, the holder is detachable for easy rotation.

This iPhone 5 desk stand has a sticky surface which will easily grip to the phones glass surface, or when using a rubber case like the one included in accessory pack.

We?ve tried to make the phone fall off by calling it and allowing it to vibrate, we?ve text it, and emailed it? It?s not falling off without a fight.

iPhone 5 Portable Desk Stand

The portable desk stand included in the iPhone 5 Accessory Pack is like it says; portable. It fits nicely in a pocket or bag and takes up no space at all.

If you using your phone to show off photos, watch videos, or just surf the web this device will certainly be handy. It will stick to almost any surface and this is made possibly by the suction cup.

As a test we stuck the suction part of the stand to the iPhone 5 and tried pulling it off thinking it wouldn?t be difficult; we were wrong. It?s impressive seeing how powerful it is. Use this at work, on the train?anywhere. It?s very useful.

iPhone 5 Car Holder & USB Car Charger

The iPhone 5 car holder is actually a universal car holder and will fit most phones, regardless of their shape and size. It attaches to the windscreen via a twisting mechanism that locks it into place although sometimes needs a drop of water (or other liquid) to ensure it has enough suction to provide a secure connection.

One of the sides is spring loaded and extends to fit the iPhone 5 and holds it securely in place.

One of the advantages of the holder over many others is the degree of flexibility it gives with the phone in the holder. The phone can be rotated between landscape and portrait and can also be moved from side to side.

From testing the holder for a few weeks, we?re very impressed with it so far. It provides a good secure connection that doesn?t vibrate too much whilst using it for sat nav purposes and is easy to connect and disconnect.

FlexiShield Skin

I?ve been using the iPhone 5 case for a few weeks and i haven?t been disappointed. Don?t get me wrong, it isn?t the best case available but it certainly isn?t the worst.

It provides excellent protection for the iPhone; covering all areas except for the screen. That?s why the screen protectors included are for. Apply the case didn?t scratch the phone and it didn?t add a noticeable amount of weight. Due to the thickness of the case it made it wider, this isn?t a deal breaker. It can still be used with one hand.

Using the case we had suitable access to all of the buttons, including the dock connector, 3.5 audio jack, and all of the other buttons.

The FlexiShield and desktop stand work perfectly together.

The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack is available from MobileFun

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