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Windows 8 and Laptop

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PNWDweller    140

In the short time that I have been back into Windows, my Desktop died after 37 days of use. So, managed to get an exchange to a laptop since it was in the same price range as the tower I bought on sale. (No towers wer as cheap as I got the last one for), so I decided to go with a Toshiba Satellite laptop and just hook it up to my new monitor, plug in a mouse,keyboard and just use it like a desktop sans the tower part.

In poking around the system, I noticed that Win 8 doesn't show the product key which is fine, but did present a nice little view of the activation status (Nice touch Microsoft). So, I looked all around the laptop, under the battery, inside the memory/hdd door, bottom of unit and not a single Windows product key COA label.

Has Microsoft stopped using COA labels now on manufacturered devices? The main reasons I ask are two fold - I want to be sure to have a hard copy of the key (which I know I can use a keyfinder for easily), but also, just plain curious. I might end up doing a clean install of 8 later on once I decide if I really want to keep the "bloatware' installed with the laptop. (Thanks Toshiba!)

Having played around with Windows 8 for just a few hours, I must admit - it isn't as bad as I thought it was and am actually getting more used to it and actually liking it. :)

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