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Keyword search and click-to-play?

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grayscale    237

Firefox has always been my default browser but I find IE10 snappy and would like to try it as my default but there are two things that I use on Firefox that I can't seem to find on IE.

Keyword search:

In firefox, I have set up a bunch of keyword-ed bookmarks to ease up searching (i.e., "bing:" for Bing, "subtitle:" to search on subscene, "wolfram:" to make a quick calculation on WolframAlpha) Can the same functionality be achived on IE? How?


Click-to-play at least on flash

Note that I am talking about desktop IE and not Metro.

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flexkeyboard    55

There's no click-to-play function built into IE10, so you'll have to live with that until someone build a plugin for that (probably never)

As for keyword search, there are work arounds. The IE address bar have search engine buttons at the bottom of suggestion menu, so you can type something in and click on your desired engines. You can add more engine by clicking the Add button and it'll open up to which you can add more search engines.

Second work around is to make duckduckgo your default search engine. Duckduckgo have shortcut like:

!g [keyword] and it'll search google for you

!b will search bing

!wiki for Wikipedia

!wa for wolfram alpha

The second work around is probably the best solution to keyword search

duckduckgo has more shortcuts for various search engines, so you could take a look at their site to see all the shortcuts.

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