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[Questions] Microsoft Surface Pro

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MariosX    27

Hello everybody!

I was really, really impressed with some videos I saw on youtube with Surface RT but legacy support is a must for me and I badly need some information from the geniuses.

Here are my questions:

1) When it will be finally released? At first, I heard it's going to be released on February.

However, this microsoft website says it's going to be released soon....

2) Expected Price?

3) Is Surface: a tablet, a tablet-pc or a pc? How it's defined?

4) Is Linux or other Windows OS available, or we stay with Windows 8?

Thanks a lot.

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ffMathy    21

  1. I'm pretty sure Microsoft officials said they expected the release at the end of January. The Wikipedia article on Microsoft Surface has more details on this under its "Availability" section.
  2. Surprisingly enough, early rumors (here on Neowin even - Google "Neowin surface pro price" because the Neowin search feature really sucks) suggest that it won't be much more than the Surface RT.
  3. I would call it a whole new form of device. It's what you want it to be. Early benchmarks from third party users of both the type-cover and touch covers suggest that it's just as efficient as a real keyboard. In other words; you take the cover off, it's a tablet. You have the cover on, it's a stand, protection and a laptop. You decide.
  4. I don't think you're "stuck" with Windows 8, although I must say anything else would be a terrible idea due to the nature of Surface's multi-interaction tech (touch, keyboard and pen). Of course, I have no idea wether or not UEFI will interfere with this (especially with Linux), but I'd say you should be able to boot from a USB drive and install any operating system you prefer.


See this news item:

Now, those are German prices. Subtract German VAT percentage, and add U.S. VAT percentage, and that would be the final price in the U.S. (although just an estimation due to the variances of import tax and so on).

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