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Just got the Sony DH520 receiver. I hooked the hdmi cables to tv, ps3, cable box, and then the receiver.

Samsung LN55C650 TV

Sony DH520 Receiver



PS3 is plugged into the game hdmi port, tv is into the out hdmi port, cable box is plugged into the sat/cab tv hdmi port. Everything is where it should be. I can watch cable TV at 1080p. But when I turn the ps3 on, it wont let it display anything higher than 720p. If I try and have the ps3 display 1080p, it just times out and refuses to show anything on the screen. The ps3 will display 1080p when directly hooked into my TV.

Is there anyway I can get this to work. Currently I can not make it work as so. I've tried setting the TV to game mode, settings things on the receiver/TV that have to do with handshaking on and off, and still nothing lets it work.

Currently have ps3 set up directly into tv via hdmi with optical sound into the receiver. I would like to get it all stream lined via hdmi, which makes switching to devices easier as well. Thanks for any hints and suggestions.

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Solved... 2 bad hdmi cables. Took about 4 hours... but figured it out :p

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